A Random Selection of Vintage Knits

Every so often, it’s nice to include a post that’s light on words and heavy on pictures, so here’s a collection of vintage knitting pattern covers rescued when my Mum was moving home – so these are all designs that were all a realistic proposition in the MidCentury home of the 1960s, but I’m […]

Hank Janson – the American Tough Guy (from England)

This is another of my occasional image collections, by no means completist, but included just to share graphics that please my MidCentury eye and that I’ve been collecting in paperback since I was old enough to have disposable pocket money. This time the theme is Hank Janson novels. Although marketed as archetypal American hard-bitten […]

Christmas is Coming – and Big Sandy’s in Penarth

When we caught Big Sandy in London during his tour last year, we were tempted to repeat the experience a couple of nights later when he played Penarth, so when we discovered he was appearing there for one of only two UK gigs in his ten-show 2023 European tour (the other being the Wildest […]

The Ichi-Bons at the Water Rats

Every ten years or so, a band emerges on the rock’n’roll scene that ignites a rare sense of ‘must see’ excitement. Having missed out on the arrival of bands like Big Sandy, the Planet Rockers and the Bellfuries, I was keen to explore what the buzz was about around a trio from Toronto, Canada, […]

Catch My Drift – Rhythm & Blues Record Heaven in Bristol

What do get if you combine 29 DJs and record collectors, 3 venues, 8 record decks, 31 hours of music and around 800 records? The answer, the Catch My Drift R&B weekender held on 20 and 21 October in the heart of Bristol. To review an event like that is a literal impossibility – […]

Lost London Delights

Having posted a selection of photos of central London taken in the 1980s, I started trawling back through other albums and was saddened to see how many great midcentury venues we’d lost in the past decade or so. It’s one thing to find that buildings photographed on wet film have gone, but when you’re […]

Who on Earth is the King of the Rocket Men?

Whilst readers of this blog will know me as the MidCentury Chap, reflecting the breadth of cultural topics I like to encompass, those more familiar with my record-spinning activities at gigs, on Rockabilly Radio and through MixCloud might have wondered where my disc jockey sobriquet ‘The King of the Rocket Men’ comes from. So […]

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    Rockin’ Round-Up and Rockabilly Rave – Reduced Reporting Required

Rockin’ Round-Up and Rockabilly Rave – Reduced Reporting Required

Normally around this time of year, I’m writing detailed reviews of the Rockin’ Round-Up and Rockabilly Rave, not just for this Blog but also for the pages of Now Dig This magazine. Sadly, this year my attendance at both events was curtailed by other far less entertaining commitments which means I can’t offer a […]

A Wander Through London 40 Years Ago

Recently we watched a programme on the history of Covent Garden Market, ending with its rescue from redevelopment after it closed as a fruit and vegetable market in the late 70s. The footage of an altogether more grimy and more industrial London took us straight back to the start of our working lives at […]

Rockabilly Radio – Age 21 and Counting

Having joined the ranks of the Rockabilly Radio DJs some 6 months ago, I was interested to find out a bit more about a station that’s been around since internet radio first became a ‘thing’. Fortunately, Marketing Manager and fellow DJ Julie Miranda (aka DJ Miss Aloha) was on hand to fill in the […]