A Vintage Man in New York – Part Three

We get fed in Katz’s – just – go record hunting on the East Side and tread the pavements of the Godfather’s Little Italy…

Our minds teeming with tales of tenement life, it seemed the natural thing to do to cross Delancy Street  heading north to stay within the East Side, making our way steadily […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part Two

Of Broadway, an urban aircraft carrier, and the Tenement Museum…

Having mastered our surroundings, we couldn’t wait to tackle Manhattan proper, and decided to focus on satisfying some of Miss M’s Korean cravings with a trip to the BTS (Korean boy band – don’t ask) store in Times Square. We hopped off the subway at […]

A Little Gem Behind the Red Door

With fantastic rockin’ clubs popping up all over the place at weekends, it’s hard to squeeze everything into the diary and still have room for all that boring but essential domestic ‘stuff’, but just sometimes fate drops one in your lap that provides something that little bit different. So it was we found ourselves […]

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    From the Ashes of Memory Rises the Rock’n’Roll Phoenix of… The Phoenix

From the Ashes of Memory Rises the Rock’n’Roll Phoenix of… The Phoenix

Having written at length about the club below the Phoenix pub in Cavendish Square, and had the pleasure of seeing that material appear not only in the pages of Now Dig This but also as the editorial in the Rockin’ London in the 80s photobook, I genuinely thought it would stay firmly in the […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part One

There was so much to write about after our trip to New York that it would make one giant post! Instead, I’ve broken it up into instalments, so here we go with part one…

There’s nothing particularly innovative or novel about taking a holiday in New York, so I can’t lay claim to any unique […]

Rockin’ Back at the Rockabilly Rebellion No 3

Feeling slightly guilty that I didn’t manage to produce a full review of the third Rockabilly Rebellion held at Weston Super Mare’s Winter Gardens at the end of August, particularly as it was definitely the best so far and with an excellent line-up, but the day was so full with time spent behind the […]

My Life in Rock’n’Roll Clubs – Part Two

It seems like an age ago that I wrote part one of My Life in Rock’n’Roll Clubs, with the intention of rolling straight into part two – and then lots of other interesting things happened to write about, including lots more clubs to visit and dance to great rock’n’roll played very loud. But before […]

Coleton Fishacre – Deco Devon Heaven

It always seems a bit of a cop out to write about National Trust properties on a blog like this, on the basis that it’s hardly an achievement to seek out a place that’s advertised on the website and publications of an organisation with thousands of members and dedicated to preserving the past. However, […]

Forty Years on the Forbidden Planet

Is it a paradox that the rapid passage of time, combined with nostalgia for one’s youth makes it seem that some shops have been there forever, and yet forever just seems like a few years? Perhaps that kind of timewarp feeling is quite appropriate when it comes to a place like the Forbidden Planet […]

Rockabilly Rave Impressions 2019

It’s both a joy and a challenge that each year’s Rockabilly Rave tends to leave me with the same things to write about – a joy because it means that the Rave can be relied on for a weekend of good music and good mates, but a challenge when I come back determined that […]