Places to Visit

A Sojourn in Suffolk

With all that’s happening this year (or, to more accurate, not happening), it was a good job that our holiday ambitions were a good deal more modest than last year’s expedition to New York. Fortunately, before lockdown hit us, we’d made a booking for a week in Southwold, somewhere we’ve been meaning to visit, […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part Eight (the end)

Of how we met the Muppets, filled a few holes in the suitcase with yet more records, and farewell to Williamsburg…

As our last weekend began, we set off on the final visit plucked from our ‘to do’ list and one that we knew we couldn’t miss – the Museum of the Moving Image way […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part Seven

Of Central Park, more crate digging, and that Statue…

We were back in Manhattan again the following day to take in the scenery of Central Park. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – stories from the dark days of the 70s and 80s had created a vision of a dangerous place, even in daylight, where […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part Five

More fleas, some classic transport, the iconic sights of Midtown and trying the NY waterborne commute…

Sunday saw us back in Brooklyn, again at the end of a bit of a hike, to sample the much bigger version of the Brooklyn Flea, held in the atmospheric space under the arches of the Manhattan Bridge approach […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part Four

Downtown and Brooklyn in search of fleas, and meeting a vinyl collecting god…

Having immersed ourselves in the stories and culture of early and mid 20th Century New York, it was time to bring ourselves starkly up to the more recent events in the city’s history with a visit to the 9/11 Museum and Memorial. […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part Three

We get fed in Katz’s – just – go record hunting on the East Side and tread the pavements of the Godfather’s Little Italy…

Our minds teeming with tales of tenement life, it seemed the natural thing to do to cross Delancy Street  heading north to stay within the East Side, making our way steadily […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part Two

Of Broadway, an urban aircraft carrier, and the Tenement Museum…

Having mastered our surroundings, we couldn’t wait to tackle Manhattan proper, and decided to focus on satisfying some of Miss M’s Korean cravings with a trip to the BTS (Korean boy band – don’t ask) store in Times Square. We hopped off the subway at […]

A Little Gem Behind the Red Door

With fantastic rockin’ clubs popping up all over the place at weekends, it’s hard to squeeze everything into the diary and still have room for all that boring but essential domestic ‘stuff’, but just sometimes fate drops one in your lap that provides something that little bit different. So it was we found ourselves […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part One

There was so much to write about after our trip to New York that it would make one giant post! Instead, I’ve broken it up into instalments, so here we go with part one…

There’s nothing particularly innovative or novel about taking a holiday in New York, so I can’t lay claim to any unique […]

Coleton Fishacre – Deco Devon Heaven

It always seems a bit of a cop out to write about National Trust properties on a blog like this, on the basis that it’s hardly an achievement to seek out a place that’s advertised on the website and publications of an organisation with thousands of members and dedicated to preserving the past. However, […]