More Lockdown Spin-up Reflections

When I last blogged about DJ’ing in the lockdown, we’d just taken our first tentative steps into joining the community of Facebook Live DJs. A couple of months on, and our Wednesday evening sessions have become a regular fixture in our week. So much so that we’ve taken to leaving the decks and mixer […]

A Thing about Dansettes (and the odd Philips)

If I wrote that I’d first lost my heart to a Dansette in my early teens, you might well imagine some schoolboy crush on some baton-twirling cutie. If I added that she was a present from my great-aunt, and was covered in slightly scuffed red and grey leatherette, you’d start to wonder if you’d […]

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    The Rockin’ Round Up 2019 and a Chance to Catch the Astrotones

The Rockin’ Round Up 2019 and a Chance to Catch the Astrotones

It’s a great shame that the Rockin’ Round Up has joined the list of events that have fallen victim to the lockdown. I was planning to post this review of last year’s event, which appeared in Now Dig This, just ahead of this year’s as an appetite whetter. Instead it’ll have to do as […]

Ah the Irony – An Blog about Vintage Typewriters

Vintage typewriters seem to have become all the rage, these days. After years gathering dust amongst the bric a brac on the shelves of bad theme pubs, they’ve joined the ranks of the items of analogue technology much beloved of the hipster crowd (are they still a thing?), and a quick on line search […]

Spinning ‘Em Up in the Lock Down

In the same way that the past few weeks have had such a fundamental impact on so many aspects of our lives, the fraternity of rockin’ DJs has had to adapt to a world where, even if dancing didn’t break all the rules of social distancing (apart from wild boppers who can create a […]

Stuff from the Vintage Magazine Store

When I wrote about the untimely demise of the Vintage Magazine Store in Soho (which you can find here), it was very much done in the heat of the moment, which didn’t give me much of a chance to dig out any of the things I’d bought there over the years. We’ll, as I’m […]

Zeb Marks – One of the Originals

As a child of the 60s who discovered the rock’n’roll scene as a teenager in the late 70s, I’ve a fascination with the experience of those who were actually there when rock’n’roll music was new, especially those who threw themselves into it at the time and have remained faithful ever since. Too often, the […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part Eight (the end)

Of how we met the Muppets, filled a few holes in the suitcase with yet more records, and farewell to Williamsburg…

As our last weekend began, we set off on the final visit plucked from our ‘to do’ list and one that we knew we couldn’t miss – the Museum of the Moving Image way […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part Seven

Of Central Park, more crate digging, and that Statue…

We were back in Manhattan again the following day to take in the scenery of Central Park. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – stories from the dark days of the 70s and 80s had created a vision of a dangerous place, even in daylight, where […]

A Vintage Man in New York – Part Six

Lotsa serious crate digging for rekkids, and a trip back to the Tenement Museum after a walk in the New York skyline…

Our next day we’d dedicated to seeking out a legendary record shop north of Williamsburg in Greenpoint. It meant a bit of a hike, so we started with a leisurely return to the […]