When I wrote about the untimely demise of the Vintage Magazine Store in Soho (which you can find here), it was very much done in the heat of the moment, which didn’t give me much of a chance to dig out any of the things I’d bought there over the years. We’ll, as I’m sure many are currently finding, lockdown has provided me with the opportunity to dig around in my collections of ephemera in the attic. If there was one thing that typified the Store for me in those far-off, pre-internet days, it was the 10″x8″ photos of film and TV stars, beautifully produced on proper photographic paper and just right for framing. As you’ll see from the selection below, my tastes went from the obvious 1950s icons, through British comedy stars to cult TV, particularly the Avengers which had just started to creep back onto Channel 4 around that time.

I’ll spare you the waxing lyrical, and let the photos speak for themselves and for a particular era in retro viewing tastes. Enjoy!