This is anofigurether of my occasional image collections, by no means completist, but included just to share graphics that please my MidCentury eye and that I’ve been collecting in paperback since I was old enough to have disposable pocket money. This time the theme is Hank Janson novels. Although marketed as archetypal American hard-bitten private eye stories, Janson was the pen mane of a string of British writers, beginning with Stephen D Frances, who bore the flame from 1946 to 1953, but then shared between Frances, D F Crawley, Harry Hobson and Victor Norwood until the series ran out of steam in 1968. The Wikipedia entry lists well over two hundred titles, and there’s a great selection at the Good Girl Art vintage paperbacks website, but here’s my little collection from the 1950s heyday of the series to whet the appetite. These covers look great blown up and framed.