Rock & Roll Clubs

Sonics are Go!

As you’ll have read in last week’s instalment, a week’s stay in London for Mrs M meant time for her to do the shoe and fashion thing during the day, but it also gave us the chance to catch up with friends in the evenings. Little did we expect, though, that we would end […]

A Life in Rock’n’Roll Clubs

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been intending to write something about the rock’n’roll scene as I remember it. Although it’s not very ‘vintage’ to pay tribute to social media, one of the great things about places like Facebook is the chance it’s given me to renew contact with many of the gang […]

The Rockabilly Rave – Caution, May Contain Rockabilly

If, as the duke of Wellington pointed out 200 years ago this week, it’s as easy to write a history of a ball as of a battle, then trying to capture last weekend’s Rockabilly Rave at Camber Sands in a single blog post must equate to recording an entire campaign on the back of […]

Put Your Stylus Where Your Mouth Is

As a change from commenting on clubs I’ve visited, I shall shortly be making one of my own rare forays behind the decks to assault the ears of the good folk of Tewkesbury with some sounds from my own collection.  I’ve got to confess up front that this won’t all be delivered on slices […]

Hubba Hubba – It’s Rock’n’Roll on a Saturday Night

Once upon a time, when my quiff went all the way to the back of my head, a rock’n’roll club in London on a Saturday night, would have been stunningly unremarkable; indeed, any self-respecting rock’n’roller would have found themselves hard-pressed to choose between several equally good clubs within the M25 (if it had been […]

A Rock’n’Roll Brigadoon

In a little village somewhere north of Farnham, there is a magical place where, once a month, a rock’n’roll club of the type that disappeared from most places years ago emerges in an old village hall to transport people like me back to the places where we first discovered that an obsession with 1950s […]