Rock & Roll Clubs

The Birmingham Bash

It would be unfair to call Colin Silcocks a promoter. Promoters arrange gigs to make money, whereas for the past thirty odd years, Colin – under the banner of the Rockin’ 50s Club – has arranged gigs in and around Birmingham with one aim and one only – to bring great rock’n’roll to anyone […]

Once More Unto the Rockabilly Rave

Having written about the Rockabilly Rave once before, there’s a danger that this year’s post might turn out to be another on the theme of ‘Had a great time, saw some great bands, heard some great records, danced a lot, did a bit of shopping and enjoyed time out with friends we love’. Well, […]

Rockin’ at Smokey Joe’s – Latest Dates

The next dates for Smokey’s are in the calendar: Saturday 18 March and Saturday 15 April. We’re into a monthly routine now, and hopefully sticking to Saturdays as much as possible. We’re still working on getting the decks into action. It’s been frustrating for Smokey’s resident techno whiz, Lyndon, who’s put a lot of […]

Rockin’ Bones – Basement Rockabilly Par Excellence

Having kicked off this blog with an article on Martin Heaphy and Irvin Gordon’s Hubba Hubba Club, it was a shame to be reporting last autumn on its closure. However, true to their word, Martin and Irvin are back with a regular club that comes even closer to a pure rockabilly rendezvous. The venue […]

Another Rockin’ Night at Smokey Joe’s – 16 January

The lovely folk at Smokey Joe’s cafe have invited me back again for another night of great 50s rock’n’roll, rockabilly, and rhythm & blues on Saturday 16 January. As ever, I’ll be aiming to play whatever will get folk onto the dance floor, or treat their ears as they tuck into Smokey Joe’s tasty […]

Rockin’ at Smokey Joe’s

The first time we stumbled across Smokey Joe’s cafe in Cheltenham, I took one look at the function area at the back and thought what a great venue it would make for a little low-key rock’n’roll club. Balanced neatly between ’50s American diner and British Soho coffee bar, it just cried out for a […]

Avast Me Hearties and All Aboard the Good Ship Nambucca

The life of a rock’n’roll DJ in London these days is not an easy one. Just being able to turn up and spin a few hours of great floor fillers is hard enough, but finding venues to do it in requires the detective skills of a Sherlock Holmes and the entrepreneurial skill of a […]

Random Thoughts of an Occasional DJ

I’ll be quite honest, I’m not a very successful DJ. I’m probably not a very good one either, and I’ll come back to that in a minute. The two may be related, but in my defence it’s not something I’ve ever taken seriously before and it’s only been in the last couple of years […]

Phoenix Nights (yep, and a corny title)

Friday night, Oxford Circus, the late 1980s. Usual crowd of tourists and late-night shoppers. Terrible fashions, terrible music. Push through the crowds, slightly drunk already, and head round the corner to an unremarkable corner pub in a 1960s office block. Upstairs, usual Friday night drinkers from local offices, but turn sharp left down the […]

Jam – or – Peanut Butter and Jelly?

Just back from a week’s travels in Sussex, seeking out MidCentury ‘stuff’, but I’m going to work backwards with a plug for a couple of venues we took in as we came back through London, and in doing so stretch my ‘MidCentury’ credentials to the limit – but for good reason.
“The Jam: About the […]