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In Search of New Old Sounds – Digging the R&B Scene

While our hearts will always be true to the rock’n’roll and rockabilly that have been the staple of our lives for decades, it’s rare that one manages to get to a rock’n’roll club where you’re going to hear many original records that we’ve not heard before. That’s not big-headedness, or a criticism of the […]

Spook-o-Rama at Nambucca with the Kaisers

Little Carl’s annual Halloween gigs at Nambucca in North London’s Holloway Road have become a ‘must’ in our rock’n’roll diary for a number of reasons – a gathering of the clans of old pals, the guarantee of some of our favourite DJs, a new poster from Marcel Bontempi and, above all, some superb headline […]

The Colin Silcocks Celebration All-Dayer – One Year On

When we gathered last year for an event to pay tribute to Colin Silcocks, who’d have guessed that live gigs would shortly become a distant memory. A year on, and with this year’s event on hold, here’s the article I wrote for Now Dig This to evoke a few memories…

Even before we’d reached the […]

More Lockdown Spin-up Reflections

When I last blogged about DJ’ing in the lockdown, we’d just taken our first tentative steps into joining the community of Facebook Live DJs. A couple of months on, and our Wednesday evening sessions have become a regular fixture in our week. So much so that we’ve taken to leaving the decks and mixer […]

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    The Rockin’ Round Up 2019 and a Chance to Catch the Astrotones

The Rockin’ Round Up 2019 and a Chance to Catch the Astrotones

It’s a great shame that the Rockin’ Round Up has joined the list of events that have fallen victim to the lockdown. I was planning to post this review of last year’s event, which appeared in Now Dig This, just ahead of this year’s as an appetite whetter. Instead it’ll have to do as […]

Zeb Marks – One of the Originals

As a child of the 60s who discovered the rock’n’roll scene as a teenager in the late 70s, I’ve a fascination with the experience of those who were actually there when rock’n’roll music was new, especially those who threw themselves into it at the time and have remained faithful ever since. Too often, the […]

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    Farewell Colin Silcocks – A Powerhouse of Rock’n’Roll 1950-2019

Farewell Colin Silcocks – A Powerhouse of Rock’n’Roll 1950-2019

The news of the hospitalisation and subsequent death of Colin Silcocks at the beginning of November sent a shockwave across the UK rock’n’roll scene, illustrating for anyone who might have doubted it just what an impact this modest Midlander had on the many thousands for whom his many gigs and clubs had been – […]

Rockin’ Back at the Rockabilly Rebellion No 3

Feeling slightly guilty that I didn’t manage to produce a full review of the third Rockabilly Rebellion held at Weston Super Mare’s Winter Gardens at the end of August, particularly as it was definitely the best so far and with an excellent line-up, but the day was so full with time spent behind the […]

Rockabilly Rave Impressions 2019

It’s both a joy and a challenge that each year’s Rockabilly Rave tends to leave me with the same things to write about – a joy because it means that the Rave can be relied on for a weekend of good music and good mates, but a challenge when I come back determined that […]

Welcome to the Mild West, Big Sandy

What with Colin Silcocks filling West Midlands venues with top acts, and the gang down at Burnham on Sea mounting a weekly live gig, we’re getting spoiled for choice along the rocking M5/6 corridor, but March saw us tossed on the proverbial horns, with Danny Brown offering a marathon session of top DJs in […]