I’ve been slowing down the rate of posts over this untypical summer as, if regular readers have any sense, they’ll be lounging outside rather than glued to a screen reading my random ramblings. However, like any good journalist, I’ve been out amassing material for future publication, including a couple of weeks seeking out the best of the vintage scene in Devon and the Isle of Wight (both of which have seen a lovely haul of 78s to add to the shellac weighing down my rafters!). I’ve also been holding back a few articles to give first refusal to the lovely folk at In Retrospect magazine; there’s a few they’re keen to publish, and it’s always nice to have work out in hard copy before it appears elsewhere, but with the market for ‘real’ magazines quite difficult these days (other than the ones published by the big companies who turn their titles over regularly), we’re just waiting to get the finances lined up for the print.

In my other guise as a rock’n’roll DJ, August has been quiet (thankfully so in many respects – rock’n’roll just doesn’t sound right with the sun shining), but September’s looking nicely busy. I’m guesting at the Rockabilly Rebellion No 2 in Weston Super Mare next Saturday (1 September – all the details at the link), run by the same team who put on the regular Rockin’ by the Sea Sunday events. Then on Saturday 8 September, I’m back to my regular slot at Smokey Joe’s Cafe in Cheltenham for a rockin’ record hop – great little venue with a smashing little dance floor at the back of an original 50s cafe (where the food and the music compete for your attention). Rounding off three weekends in a row is the DJ slot at the  Gloucester Rock’n’Roll gig by the Tequila Slammers on 15 September. And if humping decks and records doesn’t qualify for my physical exercise for the month, I don’t know what will!

And then, amongst that lot, and doing some of the conventional stuff that pays the bills, I shall be writing up the Summer’s travels with a few choice recommendations of places to visit for those who love the culture of the mid 20th Century. See you soon!