The Rockabilly Rave 2018 – Something Beginning with B

After attempting to capture the past couple of Raves for the blog, and with little hope of seeing enough of the bands at this year’s to merit a proper review of the music on offer, I thought I’d confine myself to a few impressions of another fantastic weekend surrounded by like-minded rocking folk. As […]

A Matter of Record

I’ve long been in awe of collectors of original 45s. Their knowledge and dedication in tracking down rare slices of vinyl, often from small production runs on obscure labels, leaves me with a feeling of cheating somehow when I load a CD chock full of rarities, farmed, sifted and labelled up for my listening […]

The Museum of Brands – A Collector’s Masterpiece

For those of us with an abiding love of design from the mid 20th Century, it’s a swift journey from the headline items like movie posters, classic magazine adverts and record covers to the minutiae of everyday life. But even for those less obsessive, who can honestly claim that they’ve not hung onto some […]

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    Sheet Music – Little Design Classics You Can Sing Along To

Sheet Music – Little Design Classics You Can Sing Along To


I’m not sure when I first started collecting sheet music – although the box files of it in my attic study seem (like everything else relating to one of my collecting bugs) to be steadily reproducing – I’ve got a vague memory of starting to amass music at pretty much the same time I […]

Under the Biggish Top, the Circus is Alive and Well!

Frankly, until very recently, if you’d talked to me about the circus, I’ve have put it firmly in that element of the vintage scene that exists only now in memories and old photos. The days of large, wild animals being carted around the country for our amusement have long gone, along with (thankfully) those […]

Branching out for the Real Vinyl Experience

Rock’n’roll clubs are great, and a habit we’d never want to break, but just occasionally the original vinyl obsession demands a bit of broadening out. We don’t make it easy for ourselves, I’ll admit, as we don’t really like records by modern bands (with a few exceptions, most of which have featured previously […]

MidCentury Cruising at the V&A

Occasionally, one visits a ticketed exhibition and finds oneself wondering just what you’re paying for in comparison with others that are equally interesting but free – especially when it’s in a venue where most of the exhibits are free. Well, that’s definitely not the case with the Ocean Liners: Speed and Style event at […]

Rhythm & Reaction – the Age of Jazz in Britain

I thought I knew the buildings along the Embankment pretty well, but there are a few that had made me wonder what might go on inside, so it was with a double sense of intrigue that we found ourselves pointed towards an exhibition going by the title of ‘the Age of Jazz in Britain’ […]

Let’s Get Wild with Rockin’ Perry Como

If anyone today were to suggest for a minute that Perry Como should be classed amongst purveyors of the Big Beat, they’d be (at best) laughed at. Yet there was a time in the mid 80s when a visit to many self-respecting rock’n’roll venues would have found Como’s Juke Box Baby and Kewpie Doll, […]

Random Magazine Finds

The beauty of occasional forays into image collections is that it allows me to bring together material that isn’t linked by any particular theme, other than it’s stuff I’ve collected over the years and like! So it is with this one – random magazines picked up here and there that don’t fit into any […]