photo 1 (2)Just a quick post, this time, but inspired by a visit at Mrs Midcentury’s suggestion to a distinctive little pub in Leman Street, now reborn as the Gin House.  Formerly the Oliver Conquest, and once surrounded by the warehouses of the East End (and I’m left wondering if my maternal grandfather, who worked as a warehouseman for the Co-Op in Leman Street, ever sank a pint there), the steady gentrification of the area has swept away much of character, but whilst adapting to a new clientele, this has become a real gem.  From their opening in late 2011 with 50 11133980_974687255875974_4746485367590034943_nvarieties, the Gin House has built their selection to the point that they can offer no fewer than 280, yes that’s 2-8-0, different gins, each neatly described in a mouth-watering menu and starting at a reasonable £5-6 for a good shot.  They’ve even added their own in-house brand, in partnership with The Gin Foundry.  In case the thought of all that gin on an empty stomach is too daunting, they offer a varied menu of hot and cold food for under a tenner.  We were tempted, but the lure of Cafe Spice around the corner in Prescot Street proved too much, so a return visit is in order to try out some of the remaining 278!

IMG00017Check out their latest news on their Facebook Page.