Rock & Roll Clubs

Branching out for the Real Vinyl Experience

Rock’n’roll clubs are great, and a habit we’d never want to break, but just occasionally the original vinyl obsession demands a bit of broadening out. We don’t make it easy for ourselves, I’ll admit, as we don’t really like records by modern bands (with a few exceptions, most of which have featured previously […]

Let’s Get Wild with Rockin’ Perry Como

If anyone today were to suggest for a minute that Perry Como should be classed amongst purveyors of the Big Beat, they’d be (at best) laughed at. Yet there was a time in the mid 80s when a visit to many self-respecting rock’n’roll venues would have found Como’s Juke Box Baby and Kewpie Doll, […]

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    Rocking in Gloucester – Support Your Local Rock’n’Roll Club

Rocking in Gloucester – Support Your Local Rock’n’Roll Club

Regular readers of this blog will already have gathered that, when it comes to rock’n’roll clubs, our hearts are in the London clubs that we both grew up with, and particularly the ones featuring the DJs we know well and who share our taste in records but, with our domestic roots now in the […]

Bop, Crazy Baby

One of the first things that would strike anyone happening on the British rockabilly scene for the first time is the major part that dancing plays in our enjoyment of the music. Most of us who spent our early youth feeling out of touch with the contemporary culture around us will remember the moment […]

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    The Rhythm Rocket – Another ‘proper’ Rock’n’Roll Club

The Rhythm Rocket – Another ‘proper’ Rock’n’Roll Club

I’ve written about it on here before, and I’ll write about it every time we’re lucky enough to come across another example, but we love a proper rock’n’roll club. What do I mean ‘proper’? I mean a venue where the sole aim is to play good music, loudly, where there’s room to dance, a […]

Blown Away at Atomic

Having missed the first two Atomic Vintage Festivals because it was just too far to make in a day, our relocation to within striking distance looked like failing us thanks to a diary clash until a waterlogged site forced the organisers to delay the event from April to August. Even then, the weekend dawned […]

The Birmingham Bash

It would be unfair to call Colin Silcocks a promoter. Promoters arrange gigs to make money, whereas for the past thirty odd years, Colin – under the banner of the Rockin’ 50s Club – has arranged gigs in and around Birmingham with one aim and one only – to bring great rock’n’roll to anyone […]

Once More Unto the Rockabilly Rave

Having written about the Rockabilly Rave once before, there’s a danger that this year’s post might turn out to be another on the theme of ‘Had a great time, saw some great bands, heard some great records, danced a lot, did a bit of shopping and enjoyed time out with friends we love’. Well, […]

Rockin’ at Smokey Joe’s – Latest Dates

The next dates for Smokey’s are in the calendar: Saturday 18 March and Saturday 15 April. We’re into a monthly routine now, and hopefully sticking to Saturdays as much as possible. We’re still working on getting the decks into action. It’s been frustrating for Smokey’s resident techno whiz, Lyndon, who’s put a lot of […]

Rockin’ Bones – Basement Rockabilly Par Excellence

Having kicked off this blog with an article on Martin Heaphy and Irvin Gordon’s Hubba Hubba Club, it was a shame to be reporting last autumn on its closure. However, true to their word, Martin and Irvin are back with a regular club that comes even closer to a pure rockabilly rendezvous. The venue […]