Brush Up Your Vinyl

If you’re the sort of record buyer who pores over EBay sites of record dealers, carefully comparing condition ratings before making your bid, then this article won’t be for you, but if you get a kick out of crawling around on the floor of junk or charity shops and emerging clutching a fistful of […]

True Life Confessions – My Little Book Problem

OK, I admit it, I’m a book addict. I used to think I had it under control when I first started – just the odd paperback here and there, and everything stored on the little bookshelf at the head of my bed. Then I discovered jumble sales, and the concept that you could get […]

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    Collecting – The Curse of the Anorak or Community Service?

Collecting – The Curse of the Anorak or Community Service?

Does collecting things as a hobby have any merit? As an inveterate amasser of ‘stuff’, I can certainly claim never to be short of something to insulate the loft with, but is there any point to it?

Frequently derided by those for whom it has no attraction, collecting – defined as the systematic seeking and […]