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    Relics of Bristol – Vinyl, Vintage Tech, and Dansette Wizards

Relics of Bristol – Vinyl, Vintage Tech, and Dansette Wizards

I hadn’t intended to build up a collection of Dansettes and other vintage portable record players (I love that term – from when ‘portable’ meant anything that had a handle fixed to it, no matter how heavy). For years, the perfectly serviceable one I had lived in the attic until it re-emerged to give […]

Yes, I Had an Action Man, Too

It’s an unwritten rule of any exercise in boyhood nostalgia of the 60s or 70s that Action Man has got to be in there somewhere. And why not? There can’t have been many boys of that era who either didn’t have at least one Action Man of their own or, at the very least, […]

A Rockabilly’s Dream Find

Do you ever have that collector’s dream? You know, the one where you suddenly stumble upon a massive collection of one of the things you love at an affordable price, and you’re torn between the sheer excitement of exploring the haul and a slight panic that you can’t carry it all away. For me, […]

When I Grow Up I Want My Own Record Shop

For any collector of recorded music, on whatever format, being given the keys to your own record shop sounds like a dream come true. But what’s it actually like when that dream drops in your lap, and how do you set about making a record shop work without compromising every principle that made the […]

Toys I Wanted More than a Johnny Seven Gun

It’s an unwritten law that any nostalgia kick from a boy growing up in the 60s and 70s has to include his unrequited ambition to own a Johnny Seven gun, that multi-purpose piece of juvenile military hardware lauded by Jonathan Ross and indeed out of Christmas wish list range for most of us as […]

The Land of Lost Content

It’s somehow fitting that an attraction dubbed ‘The Land of Lost Content’ should sit off the beaten track, and you can’t get much further off than Craven Arms in deepest Shropshire, at the gateway to the Welsh Marches. But a location like that has given Stella Mitchell, a devotee of domestic ephemera, a venue […]

So Farewell Vintage Magazine Store


Usually I craft each of these blog posts well in advance of publication, and schedule them so as not to flood the blog with new material each time we’ve been somewhere or when a subject crosses my mind, but sometimes time is just too short. And so it is with the news, spotted on […]

Vintage Cameras – Photos from the Past

Oops – I appear to have fallen victim to another collecting habit, this time involving vintage cameras from the 1950s and 60s. I put the blame partly on Mr Cad, the rather excellent camera and photography shop near to Victoria Station, whose proprietors tend to fill the front of their window with the stock […]

Guest Blog – Rob Holmes on a Vinyl Passion

Every so often, I’d like to feature a guest blog by someone whose outlook I admire, and who better to start with than my own brother-in-law whose devotion to the world of record collecting leaves me in awe. Here’s an article he wrote for his house magazine at work but which deserves another airing…

My […]

A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain – in Margate…

In a far-off distant land called Kent, there’s a building where the childhood of small boys of the 1960s is preserved and cherished, and on a very soggy Monday in our August holidays, I made a long-awaited pilgrimage to worship at the shrine. This holiest of holies is the Hornby factory on the outskirts […]