Bands & Gigs

Heppest of the Hep – Get Lost in Rock’n’Roll on Film

If you’ve got anything important or urgent to do, make sure you do it before you visit the Heppest of the Hep. (note the full stop) page on Facebook because, once you arrive there, you will find that time magically disappears as you click on just one more video before getting on with something […]

High Octane Hot Rods and Rhythm’n’Soul at Santa Pod

For the vintage petrol head, there’s nothing better than watching classic motors being driven hard as they were meant to be, and for the lover of 50s and 60s sounds, it’s a treat to hear original numbers in an authentic style, so when the two come together with one of your favourite rock’n’roll DJs […]

The East Kent – Whitstable’s Own Big Beat Venue

We’ve walked past the East Kent pub in Whitstable dozens of times (for Mrs M, make that hundreds or more as she grew up there). We’ve watched it decay and close; worried as it started to be refurbished lest it turn into another ‘investment opportunity’ apartment building or, only slightly better, up market gastro […]

The Rockabilly Rave 2017 – All About the Music

Somehow, although it’s what we go there for, I always find writing about the music at the Rockabilly Rave the hardest bit. Maybe it’s because there’s just so much of it – three days and four nights of live bands, all interspersed with record hops to make up a pretty much continuous flow of […]

Once More Unto the Rockabilly Rave

Having written about the Rockabilly Rave once before, there’s a danger that this year’s post might turn out to be another on the theme of ‘Had a great time, saw some great bands, heard some great records, danced a lot, did a bit of shopping and enjoyed time out with friends we love’. Well, […]

Some Garage, in a Basement, with Kaisers and Barons

Garage – COD Definition: A building or shed for the storage of a motor vehicle or vehicles. Garage – Clive’s unofficial musical definition: what happened in the early 1960s when young musicians got tired of being packaged up as various parent-friendly Bobbys by big record labels and went back to making lots of noise […]

The James Hunter Six and the Tewkesbury Two

It all started a few months ago when we were rooting in the basement of a London charity shop and a tune came on the radio. Both of us pricked up our ears – an early Ray Charles record we didn’t recognise perhaps? Or some other early 60s soul singer that had escaped our […]