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    Relics of Bristol – Vinyl, Vintage Tech, and Dansette Wizards

Relics of Bristol – Vinyl, Vintage Tech, and Dansette Wizards

I hadn’t intended to build up a collection of Dansettes and other vintage portable record players (I love that term – from when ‘portable’ meant anything that had a handle fixed to it, no matter how heavy). For years, the perfectly serviceable one I had lived in the attic until it re-emerged to give […]

Hot Dang Dilly: Great Ghoulish Gigging

With all the bad stuff, big and small, going on in the world at the moment, you almost feel guilty at enjoying an evening quite as much as the Hot Dang Dilly Halloween Special, but that’s the joy of great records and a great act in a venue dedicated to real music. Little Carl’s […]

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    Rocking in Gloucester – Support Your Local Rock’n’Roll Club

Rocking in Gloucester – Support Your Local Rock’n’Roll Club

Regular readers of this blog will already have gathered that, when it comes to rock’n’roll clubs, our hearts are in the London clubs that we both grew up with, and particularly the ones featuring the DJs we know well and who share our taste in records but, with our domestic roots now in the […]

Aliens and Galaxies in the Barbican

In some respects, it’s hard to reconcile an interest in science fiction with a fascination with the past. Surely, the one should contradict the other? But for me the heyday of SciFi was the first half of the 20th Century, when enough had been discovered to open up the possibilities of what the future […]

Rockin’ by the Seaside – the Rockabilly Rebellion

It’s a very long time since Weston Super Mare featured in our rockabilly diary – not since the weekenders moved there for a few years in the late 80s when the good folk of Caister took exception to our mass descent on their village. But having been deeply disappointed to miss Sonny West’s appearance […]

Bop, Crazy Baby

One of the first things that would strike anyone happening on the British rockabilly scene for the first time is the major part that dancing plays in our enjoyment of the music. Most of us who spent our early youth feeling out of touch with the contemporary culture around us will remember the moment […]

Yes, I Had an Action Man, Too

It’s an unwritten rule of any exercise in boyhood nostalgia of the 60s or 70s that Action Man has got to be in there somewhere. And why not? There can’t have been many boys of that era who either didn’t have at least one Action Man of their own or, at the very least, […]

Heppest of the Hep – Get Lost in Rock’n’Roll on Film

If you’ve got anything important or urgent to do, make sure you do it before you visit the Heppest of the Hep. (note the full stop) page on Facebook because, once you arrive there, you will find that time magically disappears as you click on just one more video before getting on with something […]

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    Of all the Suit Makers in All the World, I Had to Walk into Chester Cordite’s…

Of all the Suit Makers in All the World, I Had to Walk into Chester Cordite’s…

I didn’t start this blog with any sense of mounting a crusade but, if I had any sort of a mission, it was to celebrate the people who bring genuine passion and authenticity to a vintage scene often plagued by those eager to sling a ‘vintage’ label on something because it ‘looks old’ and […]

Plywood, Yes Plywood – the MidCentury Material

Plywood. He’s writing about plywood. And he’s been to an exhibition about plywood. Surely this must be the point that the MidCentury Chap enters the anoraknosphere. But what a fantastic midcentury material plywood is, and what a superb collection of delectable midcentury goodies can be brought together to celebrate its role in 20th Century […]