Open House or Open Garage?

Luckily, work commitments usually mean that I’m in London for Open House weekend, and although the need to be in certain places at certain times doesn’t allow us to get booked up for some of the more in-demand venues, the element of improvisation sometimes takes us to places we wouldn’t have put at the […]

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    A Nice Way to Spend a Saturday – Punks, Soho and a Passport to the Other Pimlico

A Nice Way to Spend a Saturday – Punks, Soho and a Passport to the Other Pimlico

A whole day ahead of us in London, no prior arrangements other than a stop off at Embankment tube and meeting up with some very good friends – how much could we fit in?

Let’s start with a stroll along the river and across to Lambeth. Ever since I started spending a lot of time […]

The Birmingham Bash

It would be unfair to call Colin Silcocks a promoter. Promoters arrange gigs to make money, whereas for the past thirty odd years, Colin – under the banner of the Rockin’ 50s Club – has arranged gigs in and around Birmingham with one aim and one only – to bring great rock’n’roll to anyone […]

Curry in a Time Warp

It was shortly after our visit to Veeraswamy that Mrs M commented that she remembered going for a meal at another very traditional Indian restaurant somewhere down the Strand, but this one at the opposite end of the price spectrum from the luxuries of Veeraswamy. But, she feared, it was probably long gone. Something […]

Crate Digging in Greenwich

A day out in Greenwich is always a good bet if you want to get out of the immediate City and Westminster area, and it’s much easier now that the river Clippers take Oyster cards and you don’t have to join the long queues for tickets. Even as the creeping tide of steel and […]

Once More Unto the Rockabilly Rave

Having written about the Rockabilly Rave once before, there’s a danger that this year’s post might turn out to be another on the theme of ‘Had a great time, saw some great bands, heard some great records, danced a lot, did a bit of shopping and enjoyed time out with friends we love’. Well, […]

Some Garage, in a Basement, with Kaisers and Barons

Garage – COD Definition: A building or shed for the storage of a motor vehicle or vehicles. Garage – Clive’s unofficial musical definition: what happened in the early 1960s when young musicians got tired of being packaged up as various parent-friendly Bobbys by big record labels and went back to making lots of noise […]

Clangers and Bagpuss Loose in Bethnal Green

There can be very few British children who grew up in the 60s and 70s, and beyond, for whom the work of Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate does not form a significant part of their earliest memories. Chances are, those children will never have registered those names, nor of the Smallfilms company they ran […]

The James Hunter Six and the Tewkesbury Two

It all started a few months ago when we were rooting in the basement of a London charity shop and a tune came on the radio. Both of us pricked up our ears – an early Ray Charles record we didn’t recognise perhaps? Or some other early 60s soul singer that had escaped our […]

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    A Celebration of Menswear – and an excuse to buy more rekkids

A Celebration of Menswear – and an excuse to buy more rekkids

When names like Burtons, Marks and Spencers, and Moss Bros have been part of the British menswear scene for over 100 years, it’s hard to imagine them as anything other than solidly Anglo-Saxon institutions which is precisely what their founders wanted to achieve. But they, like so many of the critical influences behind men’s […]